Cuenca Half Laced Breton Panama Hat for Women - Grade 12

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Quick Overview

The Cuenca Breton Half Laced is a women's hat that has the brim and the top of the crown solid, while the crown sides are laced in a geometrical pattern thall allows air circulation. Perfect for garden weddings, backyard parties and outdoor elegant events.

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Cuenca Half Laced Breton Panama Hat for Women  - Grade 12

Detailed Overview

The finer the weave, the higher the quality of a hat. Finess is objectively measured by counting the number of weaves in a square inch. This system is called Montecristi Cuenta (MC) and works by counting the number of horizontal weaves multiplied by the number of vertical weaves.

Standard Hat
MC = 130
10   Horizontal
13   Vertical
130 Total

This Hat
MC = 180
12   Horizontal
15   Vertical

180 Total

Shape: Women Crown Laced
Finess: Grade 12 / 144 Weaves per square inch (aprox)
Crown: 4 7/8 inches (12.3 cm) approx.
Brim: 4 1/3 inches (11.3 cm) approx.
Edge: Reinforced
Color: White
Weave: Brisa style weave
Made: Cuenca
Ribbon: Cloth

Shipping Information

All hats are sent in their original form and packaged in full size boxes with protective material. We requiere at least two working days to process and prepare your order before shipping. All orders are shipped from Ecuador and are delivered Monday through Friday, excluding local holidays. When your order is shipped, we will send you an e-mail message to confirm the date, contents, method of your shipment and tracking number.

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