Rolling your Panama Hat

The weave fines and the softness of the toquilla straw allow Panama Hats to be to be rolled up for easy packing. Although the Panama Hat is very flexible we recommend to roll hats up only for travel reasons because the straw may crack if this practice is used too often.

Follow the following rules for a safe care when rolling your hat:

1. Roll not fold. Panama Hats can be rolled but be careful not to fold it because it may result in cracking the straw or damaging the weave.

2. Roll Up your hat just for travel reasons. The longer the hat remains rolled, the longer the time its going to take to return to its original form.

3. It is not recommendable to roll budget or standard Cuenca hats since the straw is thicker and easier to crack. The finer the weave, the better to roll.

4. Do not roll dried out hats. Panama Hats need a little of humidity in order to be rolled, that is why if the hat is exposed to a warm and dry weather the hat can dry out and rolling it under these conditions might result in cracking.

5. Store your Panama Hat in its original shape.

Steps for properly Rolling your Hat

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